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Glossary – D

Deductive Reasoning from the general to the specific. To chunk down.
Deep Structure The unconscious basis for the surface structure of a statement. Much of the deep structure is out of awareness. The deeper underlying root cause, or  meaning of a spoken word.
Deductive Reasoning from the general to the specific. To chunk down.
Deletion One of the three major processes (including Distortion and Generalisation) on which the Meta Model is based. Deletion occurs when we leave out a portion of our experience as we make our Internal Representations.
Denominalisation Deriving from a noun. In NLP, the breaking down the end product or state  into a series of steps that results in the end product or state.
Derivation Obtain from the Deep Structure to create the spoken word.
Digital Digital distinctions have distinct variations of meaning as in a digital watch, or an on/off switch. This is as opposed to Analogue.
Discovery Frame The discovery frame involves a psychological state, and an attitude in terms of perception. Expectation, judgement and desire are suspended for the duration of the exercise in order to discover what happens to one’s perceptions and ideas as a result of participating in it. That subjective state and attitude in relation to the wider world. ie. the expert being modelled and / or the world at large.
Dissociated The relationship you have with the memory of an experience. As if seeing your whole body in the picture.
Distortion One of the three major processes (including Deletion and Generalisation) on which the Meta Model is based. Distortion occurs when something is mistaken for that which it is not, when things are incorrectly included in our Internal Representations.
Double Binds Questions that give a client a “free choice” among two or more comparable alternatives. They are based on the notion of multilevel communication.
Downtime Having all sensory inputs focussed inward. There will therefore be no attention available for outward attention.
Drivers The Submodality that makes the most difference in our meaning of an experience. It is so important that it carries all the other submodality differences, the Critical Submodalities, when we change it.