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Glossary – L

Law of Dominant Effect A suggestion is more effective when it is experienced simultaneously with a strong emotion.
Law of Requisite Variety In a given physical system, that part of the system with the greatest flexibility of behaviour will control the system.
Leading Changing your own behaviour with enough rapport so another person will follow.
Lead System The Representational System used to access stored information and lead it from the Unconscious Mind to the Conscious Mind. Watching Eye Accessing Cues discovers the Lead System. We look where the eyes go when someone accesses information.
Learning Stages 4 Stages of Learning, all learnings/behaviours go through these stages. Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence, Conscious Competence, Unconscious Competence. The latter is automatic and the most efficient.
Learning Levels Rote Learning, Applied Learning,
Lifeline Life lines or safety lines are sets of internal signals which cue us to pay attention to certain aspects of our environment which might call into question our mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing. Life lines allow us to commit more fully and creatively to a process or state. E.g. when committing to deep trance it is important to have an ending cue, or way back to external, consensual reality: like buying a round trip ticket when going on holiday.

Life lines allow us to commit for a specific amount of time, like an actor who has a contextual marker of the curtain at the end of a performance. The curtain serves as a contextual marker to remind the actor that it is time to let go of the role he is playing and recover his own persona.

Limiting Belief Beliefs or decisions we make about ourselves and/or our model of the world that limit the way we live.
Limiting Decision The decision that preceded the adoption of a Limiting Belief.
Logical Level The level of specificity or abstraction. Think of logical levels as going up or down from Abstract at the top to Specific at the bottom.
Logical Type A linear, horizontal sort within a category. Similar to lateral chunking.