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Glossary – O

Olfactory (O) The representational system dealing with smell.
Open Frame (O) An open frame is a question and answer session open to any queries that the students have. It also refers to the Type of question asked. An open question allows the answerer to explain in detail the answer, whereas a closed frame question simply allows yes or no answers.
Outcome Frame The outcome frame is a way of establishing your goals; not just in planning, but also in everyday life. When we have something to say to our partner perhaps, (maybe they have annoyed you) what outcome do I want from having this discussion.
Outcome Orientation Having a specific, sensory-based, desired result for the client. Having an end and an aim in mind.
Overlapping Moving from the Preferred Representational System to another Representational System.
Overwhelm A negative state where the senses are overloaded.