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Glossary – R

Rapport The process of responsiveness, at the unconscious level. The ability to relate to others in a way that creates a climate of trust and understanding.
Reference System The base against what we calibrate. How we organise information so that we know what we know.
Referential Index Shift Finding someone else who has a way of thinking or a resource you wish to model (their Reference System), entering their model of the world and noting from their perspective and in all modalities the process and results of their thinking and/or action. Also making a change in the referential index (subject) of a sentence to create overload at the conscious level.
Reframing The process of making a shift in the nature of a problem or changing the structure or context of a statement to give it another meaning.
Reimprinting Taking the Resources of the present to a past event to resource the past and then Reframing all the way back to the future.
Relevancy Frame A relevancy frame is used to establish when person is on another train of thought that has nothing to do with the desired outcome; it brings them back to what is being talked about rather than the train of thought they wanted to side-track you to.
Representation A thought in the mind which can be comprised of Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory, and Auditory Digital (Self Talk).
Representational System This is the way we code sensory information and experience our world. There is a representational system for each of our senses.
Resources Resources are the means to create change within oneself or to accomplish an outcome. Resources may include certain states, adopting specific physiology, new strategies, beliefs, values or attitudes, even specific behaviour.
Resourceful State This refers to any state where a person has positive helpful emotions and strategies available to him or her, and is operating from them behaviourally. Obviously the state implies a successful outcome.