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Glossary – S


Search Anchor An anchor used to identify the source of a problem or issue. See Trace Anchor.
Secondary Gain The reason/reward the client has or receives for not changing from a presenting problem or outside source.
Second Position Relating to a Perceptual Position: Second Position describes our point of view in a specific situation. Second Position is usually someone else’s point of view.
Self Edit Accessing your personal resources & making a change.
Self Inventory A Sensory Based internal scan.
Semantics The study of meaning.
Sensory Acuity The ability to notice and gain awareness of another person’s conscious and unconscious responses through their physiology.
Sensory-Based Description Is describing someone’s verifiable external behaviour in a way that does not include any evaluations or assumptions, but in a way that just relates the specific physiology.
Sequencing The order of events that create a specific outcome the changing of which may change the outcome.
Sleight of Mouth Patterns of plausible interference. Ways of utilising the existing criteria in someone’s thinking and creating a shift in their neurology by plausible argument.
State Relates to our internal emotional condition. In NLP we believe that the state determines our results, and so we are careful to be in states of excellence. In NLP, our Internal Representations, plus our State, and our physiology results in our Behaviour.
Strategy A specific, repeatable and anchored sequence of internal and external representations that leads to a particular outcome.
Submodalities These are fine distinctions (or the subsets of the Modalities V, A, K, 0, G, and Ad) that are part of each representational system that encode and give meaning to our experiences.
Surface Structure This is a linguistic term relating to the organisation of the spoken level of our communication, which generally leaves out the totality of the Deep Structure. The way we leave out the deep structure is by Deletion, Generalisation and Distortion.
Synaesthesia A two-step strategy, between Modalities, where the two steps are linked together with one usually out of awareness.
Syntactic Ambiguity Where it is impossible to tell from the syntax of a sentence the meaning of a certain word.