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Glossary – T

Third PerceptualPosition Third Position, or Meta Position, is the point of view of a dissociated observer, an over view.
Through Time Through Time people will store their memories left to right or right to left or in any other way so that all time is in front of them. Time is a continuous and uninterrupted.
Time Code The way we store our memories into the Past, Present and Future.
Time Line A way in which we store our memories of the past, the present and the future making each person’s time line metaphorically unique to them.
Trace Anchor See Search Anchor.
Trance Any altered state. In hypnosis it is usually characterised by inward, one-pointed focus.
Transderivational Part of Eye Accessing Cues. Looking through several or all of the Search Representational Systems for the same piece of information.
Transformation A series of Derivations which connect the Deep Structure to the Surface Structure.
Trigger The external event or internal belief that starts a behaviour or response.